Filtering out unwanted values

Hello, does anyone know how can I filter out these strange values that I get from dimensions, which do not appear in Revit model?

Thank you for reply, however, what I mean by saying these strange values, is automatic filter that whenever finds this type of value, it filters it out.

I’m guessing you are referring to the 1.23456E-11 numbers? You can just round the numbers with the Math.Round(number, digits) node or simply do a GreaterThan operation.

Thank you so much, this helps!

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Following questions is, how can I return back the values after I filtered them out, because now it shows true only, is there a way to reverse the process to get the correct values?

Something like this? EDIT: I elaborated a bit more with replacing strings to better match your example.

Exactly, but how can I get rid of these 0 values now, so I have only proper values list?

It’s a list of numbers right? What are you expecting? Are you trying to filter out just the Elements that have valid values?

I am looking how to have a list only of this type of values, so I can make an automatic checking of building and plot boundary distances, which have to be no less than 2500mm, if I compare this list which has 0 values, it will provide an incorrect outcome


Yeah, so filter what you need. You have a list of true & false, use the List.FilterByBoolMask node. In the example below, I am filtering the Elements if the volume is greater than 1m cubed.


Thank you so much, Daniel!

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