FilterbyCategoryname doesnt work as expected


I am using a python script made by @Kulkul to get the OST Category name for Titleblocks.
See: How get OST (Built-In Name) of element

When i use the output of this node as input for Filter by category name, it doesnt work. I get an empty list, but when i use the drop down Categories node it works as expected.

I am supposed to be able to enter the OST name right?

The desired output but with a dropdown node:

Using the OST name and getting empty lists:

I tried flattening the list but that gives the same result.

The Python script:

Why do you think you need the Built-in category (OST) name and not just the common name (Title Blocks)? Can you not just use a String or Code Block and type in Title Blocks and be done?

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Well, this is awkward…

Cant believe i didnt try that first.
I ran into this problem with multicategory tags needing the OST name and therefor I figured i had to input the OST name for titleblocks aswell.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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