I am not familiar with Python but found this here but somehow this python script is not working anymore.
The purpose is to get all sectionviews within all other views even though it’s another sectionview

I am using Revit 2019.1 and it doesn’t work with Dynamo 1.3… and 2.0.2


Append “.OfCategory(cat)” after “…view.Id)” for the FilteredElementCollector.

No sadly that didn’t work


Put the “)” back after like this “view.Id). OfCategory(cat)”

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Sorry but that doesn’t work either
I tried it with both Dynamo versions


Your original works for me, I think?

Though we aren’t using the cat variable at all?

What data are you trying to get from the FilteredElementCollector? Also, you can directly access the built in category by setting cat = BuiltInCategory.OST_Views. As mark noted, you’re not actually making use of the cat variable either, so it’s not necessary to declare it at all.


the problem is indeed not the python node its the node Element.Name I guess there are some changes made by updating / upgrading.
Somehow Element.Name does not reply the name of a section so i made a quick workaround.

Thanks to @SeanP and @Mark.Ackerley