Filter Steel Members

I am trying to write a script to define Geometric position locations. I am trying to Filter my steel into the their families so I can set points. I have no idea why my brain is slipping and I can not seem to get this filtering to work. I am attaching a screen shot of my script and a pic of what I am trying to achieve. As you can see all of families are coming out of my output in my filter by bool mask. what am I doing wrong?

It would be more helpful if we could see all the node inputs/outputs, but I’m guessing you’re getting the FamilyType element and not a string. You need to convert it to a string before you check for HSS.

here are the inputs and outputs. I think I see another problems now. How do I change an element to a string?

Yeah it looks like you’re not getting the FamilyType at all. Try Element.Type to get the FamilyType and then Element.Name to get just the name.

Yep. it was that simple and I just didn’t see it. thank you