Filter slanted Structural colums?

Hello Dynos,

i think i did already did it right? i have 99 colums which are slanted. In total i have 420 colums.
Why i can`t see any curve from the vertical ones?



Are you sure the slanted and vertical columns are in the same list? Otherwise the list.GetItemAtIndex might be the problem.

i have a lot of an other big challanges i think i will open a new topic :slight_smile:

actually my aim just to filter slanted colums… …at least i want to know why it works

Hi @Draxl_Andreas,

The location curves of slanted columns and vertical columns require 2 differents API methods.
You can use the Element LocationCurve node instead to get all the location curves of vertical and slanted columns.

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need i a update… it doesn`t work, it works just for single object

Can you share your family and show the preview under the All elements of Category node ?
The List.Count is in yellow (error).

head.rfa (344 KB) colum.rfa (356 KB)

There is still other problem, so i got it placed very well! but i have no workplane, how can i mapp to my element like like Level, and correct offset relativ to it.
bounding box, does not work , because the level is at the columsground…

Can i make a bounding box for colums, catching the level? pull it to the heat?


The error comes from the Head family whose length is too small for Revit

I run script after placing the heats! - thank you so will run the node before placing it

Still ara not all there, fory any reason it is just shown the slanted ones

how can i filter them or distinguish them from “Normal” ones