Orientation to the Element not to the view, how?

StructuralColums_V1.dyn (160.9 KB)
head_.rfa (360 KB)

Hello Dynos,

My Columhead is still a topic. My script is better than before, because i can filter by a Parameter “Stützenstil” there are 3 Values (“Vertikal”, “Geneigt - Winkel”, “Geneigt - Punkt”). These 3 Values occure as integer 0,1,2

The heads are oriented to the view, not to the Column!
How can i say that the placing is oriented by the colums.

I get a blue line (Starpoint.Endpoint) - How Can I orient my Element to It - I mean like a “relativ Coordinate System” related to each instance-element?



Since this has gone unanswered, here are my two cents: you may be able to get the transform from the columns family instances:

You might then use the transform of these columns to adjust their column heads, but since column heads are Generic Models, I do not know if/how transforms can be applied to them or if the properties of column tranforms can be effectively retrieved and applied to them.

import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

import Autodesk
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

import Revit

def Column(x):
   return UnwrapElement(x)

y = Column(IN[0]).GetTransform()
z = Column(IN[0]).GetTotalTransform()

OUT = y,z


What i call actually? points, Coordinates, rotations,… and finaly what can is see? Double, Strings…?

regarding the topic(Transform) i found this:

You will probably have to tweak this and adapt it for the project, but you could do something like this:

StructuralColums_V1_Forum.dyn (58.6 KB)

I prefilterd the colums… … the script selects the slanted Colums.

GetStructrualColumns_V2.dyn (43.5 KB)

I have still problems with this index

Yeah, first and last index should be top and bottom of the columns.

But hey! I didn’t actually notice that the colums were round. My way of getting the rotation wont work, since im calculating it from a face.

Would need to get the rotation from the Project Base Point i guess?

Is the column slanted aswell?

Could you upload a small sample rvt file?

yes they are slanted…

… the vertical ones have a head integrated
Projekt5.rvt (2.0 MB) pinhead.rfa (360 KB)

First, I think we have to find the curve of the slanted column.
Then find its rotation with respect to the Y axis.

Slanted columns.dyn (56.2 KB)


GetSlantedColumnsSetStructuralColumnHead_V1.dyn (249.2 KB)

i think i did progress: because i got the Referenceplanes from my 2 FamilyInstances (head/Columns)
as you see i have to do something like “close the gab.” Can i do something like “map” values refplane(column) to refplaneColumnhead?