Filter only walls with an edited profile

is there a method to filter for walls with an edited profile?

While I do not believe there is a direct way to do this in the API, there is a cool trick with Springnodes.

Essentially, you need to try to get the sketch of the walls with Springs.Collector.ElementSketch. This node will output an empty list if there is no sketch, (the wall has not been modified). We can then use this logic to filter the list of walls.


great minds…I had thought of that, but I have run into a situation where that node doesn’t work. it doesn’t work on linked elements.

definitely gonna remember that for a different script.

Reviving this thread as there was some cool discussion over at RevitForum about this new node.

It looks like we can use a method from TheBuildingCoder to see if the wall has related elements. The springnodes implementation uses the same concept, but has a lot more functionality for grouping the curves.

This in turn allowed me to make this.

I will publish it in the next Rhythm update.


@john_pierson Any update on this?

When I tried your first method, I cannot get any SPRING nodes to show up after installing the package.

For method / 2, copy/pasting the script into a node does not give the same results. Any update on this would be very appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @john_pierson this is nice!

However, what if we need to filter walls with slanted top only (as in your snip) and not the one with openings for door/ windows?


Hi @atharva.purohit466SX ,in that case probably something here could work…

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What about edited profile WITH inserts? Will you have that case?

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@SeanP …think you are right as always :wink: …here we probably had an issue this way with edited profile with inserts… but something here should work…


Far too kind @sovitek, but it looks like you have a solution so thanks for sharing!

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Hi @sovitek and @SeanP !
You guys are wizards, thank you for responding!

Though theoretically your approach is perfect, however, the model I have was not prepared by best modeling practices and hence the openings which were created was done by editing profile in place of using some voids/inserts family.
So that’s the challenge here. I’ve thought of a solution and will try that out, and if you can come up with something, it will be great.
(btw the snip above was not clear)

Thank you again!

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Hi @atharva.purohit466SX …hope its better :wink:

walls.dyn (26.7 KB)

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