Filtering with one more types

I want to filter selected model elements with specific one more types of wall.

Thank you all.

edit: i mean i want to get walls of these types.

May I kindly suggest doing a bit more research prior to posting.
There is nothing wrong with your question but do some legwork. Like building a graph showing what you are trying to do and what the result is and post a screenshot.
Make it easy to answer and informative to the next guy who comes along.
The way you have asked this is asking whoever is so kind to help you to do all the work for you.

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@emmett.cruey has a valid point. This can be a hard one to work around though if you don’t have a strong knowledge of Revit as a tool so I’ll give some guidance.

Place a Wall Types node for each type you want to select.

Build a list of these types with a List.Create node.

Wire that into an All Elements of Type node.

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@emmett.cruey I did many tests and research. but don’t get the right results. i couldn’t figure out but i thought the problem was easy for you so i thought there was no need for screenshots because it was understable. i will be more careful, thank you. regards.

Its all good man.

Its all good man. Try this


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