Filter Mask by List of Values

So after much research I’m able gather information and then filter by Boolean list mask and gain the values I need. However in order to do this for multiple values I find myself duplicating all of the nodes changing a few values and doing this repeatedly for each value. So the next step I’m attempting is to rather than filter by a single value, I would like to filter by list of values hopefully reducing and simplifying in the process The specific instance is to filter by room name. On a related note is it possible to mask by a portion of the value - Ex QQ where I have a series of rooms labeled QQ-1, QQ-2, etc - my goal would be to return all values which contain QQ.


Hey Mike,

Another option is to use the “==” node with cross-lacing, combine that with “List.AnyTrue” from the clockwork package with lacing set to longest and use that as your mask:


I’ve been looking for something similar and using the workflow of the OP at the moment.

Is there a simple way that would combine the 2 methods. So if I want a true result for anything that contained “QQ” and “YY” rather than having to do the operation twice then joining the lists afterwards?


Jimmy, did you try changing the lacing in Vikram’s example?


Must’ve been a lacing problem because I’ve tried to feed string contains a list before with no luck. Cheers guys.

Thank you for all your help - the answers worked great.