Filter by Boolean mask does not work properly


I’m new here and i would like some help, because i don’t understand what is going wrong in my script.
With an IF statement i find out the results if they are True or False.

When i then put this in a filter by boolean mask so i get 2 seperated lists one that contains all value with True and one with all value with False. Or at least that is what i expected.

What actually happens i don’t understand, someone can tell me what i do wrong? It’s on the most right handed sight.

You need to flatten the list of parameters values under the name of “Assably Code” or use list levels on the “FilterByBoolMask” node.


Because it’s not the same list
So you need to flatten them

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Thank you! Im a newbie still learning every day!

Hey Dynamo folks. I’m stuck. I’ve banged my head around it for some time and it’s time to ask for some help. I have this script that gets some pipes from a linked file and places a revision cloud around them. I try to filter them with List.FilterByBoolMask and it works when I mask it with the Revision Comment parameter, but when I mask it a secont time with System abbreviation, it gets only a part of them. I tried connecting the lists in different ways but it never gets all of the abbreviations i’ve fed it. It gets the first from the list and some other ones. Help :frowning: Example Element Nr 10 is with abbreviation FVF and is obviously in the list but it goes out as false?!?!?

If I change the list order in Varme abbreviation with FVF being on the top it doesn’t take the FVRs
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This topic is 5 years old and a solved one too.
May create a new topic instead