Filter Groups from List

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I am trying to manipulate some data. What I want to achieve is to get a parameter from a Generic Model which is inside a Group and take that Parameter Value of that Generic Model. Once I have it I want to place that Value as a string in a new parameter which is the Group’s. However in order to achieve that I want to filter the groups from this list and I can’t get it to work. Any ideas would be much appreciated ! :slight_smile:

I think List.GroupByKey is what you are looking for.

Showing more of your graph or posting your .dyn makes it easier for people to help you.

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Here is my nodes. From some reason I can’t get List.Remove.IfNot to work.
Normally it should filter Groups.

Hi @d.tashev ,

There are multiple ways to filter you elements.
You can group as @bvs1982 says.

This is an other way to filter the elements and delete the groups:

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Aaaand another option (in case you want to use the List.RemoveIfNot node :wink: ).

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@bvs1982 @jw.vanasselt

Nice one guys,
been a massive help, really.
Need to dig more into the Revit API and Dynamo in general :slight_smile: