Filter Exterior Doors from Interior Doors

Hello everyone, I will like to differenciate between the exterior and interior doors.
I have so far been able to get which doors have glazing but i don’t know how to
filter them to get only the exterior doors. There are 4 doors on the outside
face of the the 6 exterior walls.
The 2 doors marked in Yellow are the only exterior glazed doors in the Project.
Hope anyone has an idea.

@Macroperari You can check if there are rooms on both sides of a door. Interior if true, else Exterior

Thanks Vikram . How can I check that? I can only think of Room.Boundries from Clockwork.

Try something like this…
DoorExteriorInterior.dyn (12.0 KB)


Thanks a lot Vikram. Will try it out first thing at work tomorrow.

@Macroperari - Clockwork has a node called Door.Rooms which will return the rooms on both sides of a door (if any) as well as the room count. Plug that into your list of doors and filter for doors with a room count of 1.
Also, if rooms haven’t been modeled yet, an alternative approach would be to find the host wall of each door and look at the wall type’s Function parameter (Interior/Exterior).


Ah Ja, Thanks for the Tip Andreas. I will try both methods and post the results.

Hey Vikram I have tried your Methode but it gives me Nulls at the end

Hello Andreas, your method worked really well.
Thanks a lot.

@Macroperari Reducing the circle radius to 0.3 will help :slight_smile:

What’s the error message on FamilyInstance.Location?

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Hey Vikram, Thanks man it did help :slight_smile:
the error message says, FamilyInstance.Location Failed. It’s thesame error message on the others too.
But it did sort out the exterior doors except for the one in the curtain wall.

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I am trying to do thesame on the Curtain Walls.
To get only the exterior curtain wall and to get the room it belongs to. Iam trying to apply Andrea’s
solution for the doors to use the wall types Funktion. How can i proceed from here…

@Macroperari In that case mark this topic as solved and start a new topic.