Compare Windows Area to Rooms Area in m²

Hey Guys, after been able to ditect which Window belongs to which Room, I will like to put both in relation and see how many percent of the Room is covered by Windows. My Goal is to be able to assign Colors to each Room according to the percentage of their Transparent area and later conduct a Space planing.
Hope you guys can help me out. It’s mostly in German
This is what I have so far.

Getting the correct glazing percentage per room can be quite tricky as there are lots of different elements that could count as glazing in Revit. You might want to have a look at this script (although it’s already two years old):

Even in case it doesn’r run any more under a cuurent Dynamo version, it’ll give you some pointers as to what model data you’ll need to evaluate.

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Thanks Andreas. Will try it out

Hello Andreas,
your Script has helped me alote. I have been able, with the help of a friend to achieve so far what I wanted.
I am now stucked at one Point. I will like to differenciate between the exterior and interior doors.
I don’t know if this is possible. I will like to get only the exterior glas doors.
I have so far been able to get which doors have glazing but i don’t know how to filter them to give me only
the exterior doors. The 2 doors marked in Yellow are the only exterior glas doors in this Project.
Hope you have an idea