Filter element by workset

hi to all!

I would like filter my ELEMENT by workset befor ELEMENT.FACES… is it possible? because I would be able to choose the work area on the same project.

is there any function?

thank you so much for your help


Thanks for your answer Vikram!

but I want to filter items for worksets and work only with the workset i have chose.
not group them for workset.

I wish could choose with a string the workset for work with a few items at a time

Once you’ve grouped them by worksets, you can then choose one or more groups to extract and work with further.

I’d suggest the grouping approach I’ve provided above, but if you want to filter one at a time…
FilterByWorkset.dyn (9.5 KB)

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I’m not very practical to use the groups but now I try!!

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Hi David,

@davideturina Here is another possible way to filter elements by workset.


Hi Kul,

where i found the node Filter element list by workset Name?

Bakery Package

TOP!! Thanks

@Vikram_Subbaiah Getting the workset names from the element parameters node… just what I needed and couldn’t quite get there. Thanks!

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