Best way to know wich elements are in some worksets?

Hi Everyone!! I´m starting in Dynamo and i got some problems finding the best way to reorganize Worksets.

Which is the easiest way to collect all the items cointained in a specific workset?
“3d Views by workset” is really usefull, but i want to get a list of all that data and move it to other Worksets.

Would be like in “Find Items” in Naviswork to select all Items (in the file) that contains one specific “Workset” name.

Thanks in advice!

Find Items

best way I think requires no dynamo, but just some 3d coordination views that have one workset on, and everything else on.

what other data are you trying to move? i believe things like dimensions and text are placed on their own internal workset that you dont have access to to move that data.

also, a quick search of the forum did result in some threads.

  1. Select all elements.
  2. Get workset using an Element.workset node (clockwork package I think but I could be wrong)
  3. List.GroupByKey where the list is all the elements and the key is the list of worksets.

You may want to use a Element.Name(universal) node (again I think it’s clockwork but maybe not) to work with workset names instead of elements. You can then make additional filters on the selection based on Element type, phase, whatever else you want to use to sift through the data, and then perform then set workset accordingly. See here for a good discussion on how:

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Like @Tom_Kunsman has said, the coordination view comes in handy quite often for us. For changing work sets of element through a 3d view, we have been using a little dynamo player script.

Simple setup as follows,
(sorry no pictures, out of the office)

  1. Go to a 3d view that has all modelled elements
  2. Turn on coordination view.
  3. Pick element in view node from #springnodes
  4. Get elements workset from #clockwork
  5. Get all elements in active view (OOTB I think)
  6. Get the workset of each element
  7. Filter by boolean =
  8. Temporary Isolate in view node from #clockwork

Then its a matter of seeing what elements are needing to change work set, change them, then disable the temporary view state.

Hi there Ewan,

I’m trying to muddle through your instructions. Having some trouble, no doubt partly because I’m relatively new to Dynamo. Can you please send a photo of the script?


Hi @lachummers, welcome to the forum.

I am unable to make it to the PC for a week, so cannot post a picture until then. Will try to remember to.

If you use the @ symbol to write a users name, the forum will send them a message to let them know they have been mentioned, and their assistance is needed. Luckily I was just browsing today :wink:

In the meantime, would the workset view function available in Revit suffice?

Alternatively you can create 3D views for each Workset by the workflows described here.

Hi Ewan,

Thanks for the reply. Very kind.

I found the Modelical package, and yes am now aware of the workset 3d views. I just got that nagging urge to see exactly what you’d devised. Stubborn curiosity more than

There are so many ways to skin the cat using dynamo. It’s almost overwhelming.



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