Filter Door elements by satisfying multiple parameter values


i am trying to filter doors by satisfying multiple Parameter values to be true.

i would like filter the doors if above all conditions are true. Is there any shortcut or Formula that can be applied?

Hi @r.chowdhary

Hello @Kulkul
i would like to filter only those doors which has these 4 Parameter that contains these specific values which varies with different type of doors.

condition 1 ---- parameter(Türblatt ) has value (Stahlblech) AND
condition 2 ---- parameter(Panel) has value (GL) AND
so on…

any best way to accomplish that

Did you tried what i have suggested above to Change the string value to “Equal” ?

isn’t it same?
Comes with the same result

No its not. Please follow my instruction.

It’s clearly shows when you move your mouse to the input:

Maybe my Question is not clear enough.
i would like integrate if - and conditional Statements between them.
and “Equals” gives me the same result.

try this.

This is what you need right?