Change door swing based on phase

I am trying to change the door swing of all the existing door to 45 degrees. I cant seem to get the last step of change the parameter to 45.

Change your String input to an integer or double (you can just type 45 in a code block like this):

You can see that the parameter’s storage type is a double, but you are providing a string, therefore it is not able to set the parameter’s value.

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I tried to change it like you suggested but still does not work.

in addition to @cgartland remark
the nod setParameter expects an element not a parameter


If you don’t use the lunch box node in the boolmask you cant filter out the new doors?

Akli is showing that you have to filter the elements based on their parameter values. Right now, you are filtering out the parameter values themselves. So, the ‘element’ input for Element.SetParameterByName is a parameter, not an element currently.

Aww I understand now! When I filter for elements it does not filter anymore.Thank you for all your help this far!

Can u show the result windows for each node. Also what error is the FilterBool node giving you?