Curtain Panels Count different

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I am trying to give curtain panels an individual mark value, but I have a different count of panels in the Revit Schedule to the Dynamo Nodes.

Does anyone know of why or other way of collecting the panels to renumber them. The model is large I can’t do a sense check to see which is correct.

COBie Instance marks CURTAIN WALL PANELS #6.dyn (154.6 KB)

This question has been asked before but no solution posted. I am thinking of exporting the schedule to excel or filtering some how.

I took a project and did the same process, coming up with similar results. The Revit schedule contained 2012 panels whereas Dynamo returned 2103 panels. The solution here is to only get elements visible in the active view. The Springs package has a node which allows you to do this called Springs.Collector.ElementsInView.

I don’t know the root cause for Revit and Dynamo to return different element counts, but I did notice that all of the elements which are present in Dynamo which are not present in the Revit schedule have no dimensions.

Valid curtain panel (present in Dynamo and Schedule):

Invalid curtain panel (only in Dynamo):

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I will try tomorrow and post the final dynamo file. Thanks

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The invalid curtain panel is a valid element (as you can see you were able to select it). These 0 unit x 0 unit panels are usually created when a curtain grid is excluded. What we thing happens is the ‘second’ panel is deleted, and a new, larger panel is created. What actually happens is one of the two panels is replaced with an empty system panel with 0 dimensions in all directions, and the second panel is resized to fill the void. Here’s a link showing it in action:

Knowing this, you can quickly filter these out by excluding the panels where the area parameter is not greater than 0 with a List.FilterByBoolMask node.


Hmmm interesting. I wonder how Revit then handles them while creating schedules since you’d think that all elements would be represented.

Auto filters elements with no area. :slight_smile:

Between that and the lack of geometry, you have to poke around in the api (in this case via Dynamo), or randomly slept by Element ID to find them.

Final file that works for me. dyn 2.0.1

COBie Instance marks CURTAIN WALL PANELS #7.dyn (168.0 KB)

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Thisssi really handy for me thanks for sharing

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