Curtain panels- non existent objects


I am trying to extract curtain panel data. For some reason, Dynamo finds a number of curtainpanel objects that do not exist- and show up in the Element.Geometry node as ‘empty list’. Revit can’t find them by objectid either.

This in turn messes up my lists- so if there is an easy method to filter them, that would be the easiest.
(I am using the Revit ‘advanced’ sample- the office building)

This is for a ‘data visualiser’ that I am experimenting with- refer to link
Yes, I realise that I could do something in Dynamo (or in Revit using filters or in Navisworks using search sets)- but especially in construction most people do not have Revit or Dynamo.

This is really a proof of concept to visualise model data in a web browser for construction planning purposes
In this example, identifying particularly big/small/wide/tall curtain panels- plus some crazy modern art…!

thank you in advance






Hi Andrew,

It looks like a bug. Alternatively you could try removing “Empty list” using “List.Clean” node.

Good luck with your interesting exercise.


thank you Kulkul

I will give that a try.

Since I am collecting curtain panel parameter data at a ‘higher’ element level (i.e before it goes into the solids for the the panels) I am assuming I need to set ‘preserveIndices’ to true so that it matches up the lists correctly.