Set "Structural Usage" parameter value

Hello everyone,
I am trying to change the value of Structural Usage parameter of Structural Framing from Other to Girder, but it doesn’t work although if doesn’t prompt an error. I also tried to set a string value and didn’t work as well. Is it even possible to do that?

The parameter is an integer, you can easily check it with Parameter.StorageType.

To know which number to use, you can refer to this page of the APIdocs:

Member name Description
0. Undefined
1. Wall
2. Column
3. Girder
4. Joist
5. Purlin
6. Other
7. Brace
8. HorizontalBracing
9. KickerBracing
10. Automatic
11. TrussChord
12. TrussWeb

If you try to use a value that is not allowed (for example Wall for a beam) you get automatically Other as parameter value


@lucamanzoni Thank you mate. Awesome and full answer which makes all crystal clear.