Filter Analytical Walls

Hi, I think I am doing something elementary wrong here.
Would appreciate any tips.

All I am trying to do is filter Walls that have the Analytical active.
Thanks and cheers, K


Do you mean like this

Yes this is perfect. Boolmask works.
Thanks for this flowmap.

What am I doing wrong with my script? Why isnt the more intutive node from rhythm not working for me?
Any hints?

Dont know…here is best to talk to @john_pierson he is the father of this package…but happy it works for you

Always hover over inputs if you have any questions:

and here is an example of how to use the node:

However, if it were me, I would more than likely just use the FilterByBoolMask method.


Made some small tweaks and it works now. Realized I was using the wrong value. The binary of Yes would be 1.

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