Filter discipline


I want to filter all views in Revit on the views discipline, but am struggling with the following error code:

What am I doing wrong?

I think you’re using the BoolMask node incorrectly. Can you show your node previews? The mask input should be a list of true/false values to filter the list input.

Rename Views 2.dyn (56.8 KB)

I don’t think you understand what a “bool” is… A bool is either a “true” or a “false” value…

The “mask”-boolmask would thus be a list of true/false values with the same length as your “list”-input - list.

I understand what a bool is. How I understand a boolmask works is that it checks whether a condition is true. When its true then it will fill the IN part of the node…otherwise it will fill the OUT part.

My new approuch …with no succes so far

You’re searching for a number. You need to use "2" in your code block so it’s formatted as a sting.

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This is how a boolmask works:

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Thanks its working now

Ok…I see that I didn’t understand the mask part…hopefully won’t make the same mistake in the future and waste your precious time :grimacing:

No problem :slight_smile: We all start somewhere and the only way of getting better is to keep at it and make mistakes! Keep it up! :exploding_head: