Area boundaries by wall function


i’m trying to create the area boundaries based on the function of the wall ( all of them except interior walls )
and i don’t know why this is not working, any ideas?


the error says ; Warning: Warning: List.FilterByBoolMask operation failed.

Have your tried to connect your element collector to the Code Block?

hahaha good one! you got me,

but it is connected and it’s not working.

What’s the error when connected?

Warning: List.FilterByBoolMask operation failed.

Connect the code block and check for null values after connecting. My guess is you have a value of null from the get parameter node.

you are right! but this used to work in 1.3 version of dynamo!

You sure it had the same nulls?

You can use a second test in the same line to return false for the null values.

i restarted it and now it’s working, this is so stupid! i mean the wall selection part works, i have to leave, sorry, i’ll try it later again, thanks for your help

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FWIW, I recall that the node you are using to get the parameter values, Element.GetParameterValueByName(TypeOrInstance), used to give me fits like this back in the day. I recall thinking it had something to do with worksharing at the time, but I never definitively figured it out.

In this case you know you will always need a type parameter, so you may get better results by pulling the type and getting the parameter value directly from those objects. May help with reliability.

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