Filter a list by a range

Hi, im trying to get a sheet number range between only 850 and 896. I don’t know how to filter the list back in though

You have a few errors here.

  1. You haven’t defined a Boolean (true/false) for every item in the list of sheets. Drop the String.Range and instead use a <= and a >= to define the true and false values. That list should be as long as the list of items and the same depth when you are done. This will be the Boolean mask for the filter node.

  2. You have the list of sheets plugged into the mask instead of into the list.

I would post block here for you but you need to learn this as it’s a pretty important function and the theories are instrumental to a lot of workflows, so give it a shot and see where you get.


lol it seems a bit insane but i got there in the end like this haha. Is this what you meant? Thanks again for your time :slight_smile:

That’s it! Well done!

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@vanman Would like to point out that the && operator could be used (as suggested by @JacobSmall above )