String contains

Hello I need to filter Area by levels,
than group them and write to Excel with some
other parameters.
I do not see the error in my definition.
I am trying to filter using the string contains node and subsequently the filter by boolean mask but I got only Falses …

it might something dumb…

Could this help?

Yes that is my intent and thank for the reply.
Unless I cannot get true value I do not connect that :wink:
The problem is before. I have Areas on 2FL and 1FL and so on but the node “String.Contains” do not get them … I feed why? I do not understand.

Try changing the lacing of Element.GetParameterValueByName node to Shortest

Thanks. I have been unlucky recently with strings so I solved through the value itself using the Equal node…

. The only thing I would like to broaden this approach to automatically get the the filter for each level instead of writing in the code the leve names. I will do when I have some spare time…soon to come with other grouping and sorting questions before moving to Excel the datas…(I am rusty onlist managing at the moment)