Filled Region Color Parameter Value

I’m currently working on a set of Dynamo defnitions that would help to automate changing the color of filled regions. The value seems to be an INT and not RGB or a Revit color. In addition to this, unlike some other INT based color calculators Black seems to be 0 instead of white being 0, red is 255, and cyan is 16776960. I was wondering if anyone knew the formula to convert from RGB to INT or if a library already exists that can do this?


I think some of your assumptions are wrong.

First you cannot change the Filled Region Color because it doesn’t have that property. Filled Regiion Type is the object that you are after.

Secondly the color value notation that you are seeing is called Decimal. That’s however, only what Revit shows you when you ask it for the color property. I believe that it will still accept a typical System.Drawing.Color.ByArgb() object when you want to set the color. In case that it doesn’t there are some Decimal Color nodes in Spring Nodes package created by Dimitar Venkov. Check that out.

Good luck!


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Thanks Konrad! You were right, I was talking about a filled region type, not a filled region. I double checked the standard byrgb node, but that did not work, however Spring Nodes had exactly what I was looking for. I even opened up the node to look at the formula and expand my knowledge, thanks for the help!

hello Thed or Dyn Community,
Do you know how is working this definition that automate changing the color of filled region Type color?
Thanks in advance

This discussion could help to get started:

here’s the dynamo script I created to get this thing done. It’s not ideal, but it works… I’d rather had the color in a scheme, but hopefully it helps you to get what you want. Gook luck with it

Afhakhoogte op kleur.dyn (53.1 KB)


I did figure this out with the help of the community, and wound up putting it in my Dynamo Package “Plissken” try looking that up and looking for the filled region nodes in there. If you can’t figure it out with those, I can try to help you dig a little deeper.