Fill patterns

What would be the Design Script code for the “Fill Patterns” node to get the “Solid fill”?

Please see this FAQ and provide some additional information

Apologies, I wrote “Solid fill” including the <> and that obviously didn’t work with the formatting.

Instead of using the drop-down selector, I would like to use a Code Block that outputs the “Solid fill” fill pattern.

Not sure that there is. You could check if it has a consistent GUID across projects (it’s hard coded so this is a possibility), which would allow you to try selecting it that way.

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Hi Phillip, did you find a solution for this? I have the same issue (and with drop-down menu inputs in general) occasionally resetting to another value. Generally I try to use ByName selections where possible, but here’s another work-around. Not sure the Element ID will be the same for every model though.

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A Datashapes UI makes a nice way to do this as well, and adds flexibility to the graph to boot.