Fill out void with windows of different sizes


I am looking to have dynamo propose me different solutions on how to best fill out a void in a wall with different sized windows.

So far I managed to get the windows set into the dynamo, and that is pretty much it… If someone had an idea of how to solve this, it would be very much appreciated

could you be more specific
example with screenshots

ex. we have five windows (four the same and one different). I now want to see the different options, of how the void in the wall can be filled out with these five windows.

what is the opening on your wall (family, opening …
to recover these characteristics

I was not sure what to do there - right now it is just a void made in Revit, but since it should be editable, I think this is not the best way to make the void? (Since it doesn’t have any parameters to adjust)

You can still recover the features, but it requires a little geometry
The easiest way is to cut the wall with a family, in which case the script will be easy. it consists in placing a window in the same place as the void with the same characteristics

this node will be able to help you if the void is a window family

Thanks! And how about then filling that void with the windows?

Send me your revit and your family window
I will see