Fill multiple Parameters for Element

Hi guys,

I have a small Problem and I couldnt find the solution myself unfortunately.
Im trying to fill multiple Parameters with a list of values from Excel. But Dynamo uses for every Element only the first values of every Parameter list.
Do you know how to fix that?

Thank you in advance!

try lacing longest.
richt click the set parameter node, go to lacing

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Hi Marcel,
Thank you so much!
Havent thought about that :slight_smile:

Marcel, I have another short question. Its behaviour is pretty the same, so I dont want to open a new post for that.
Im trying to place adaptive components by points but it uses only the first family for every two points but not the rest, which comes also from an Excel file.
Lacing in this case doesnt work.
Any idea? :slight_smile:

have you tried keep list structure?

yes, but nothing happened

lacing shortest or flatten the list maybe, i cant test it myself, sorry

nothing seems to work :confused: Dont worry, I am thankful for your help anyway :slight_smile: