File Path freezes my computer

I am having an issue where browsing to the file path of an Excel file freezes my computer. The only solution is to Ctrl-Alt-Del and close Revit+Dynamo (and restart the machine).

Let me explain. I have one definition that I use to write data to Excel with from one Revit File. Then I close the definition. then I close the Revit file and open a different model. Then I open a different Dynamo definition where I first set a file path to a new excel file to be written to. No problems yet. After that, I go to set a file path back to the previously created Excel file, and my computer locks up, requiring me to bail out and restart everything

After the computer is restarted, I can path both files without any issues and the definition runs fine. What this says to me is that some sort of temp file is being left open by the Excel.WriteToFile action in the first definition, and when I attempt to path to that file in the second definition it encounters problems that prevent any further progress.

Does this sound familiar at all to anyone?


I am also experiencing problems with Dynamo, even with very simple definitions/nodes and Revit files to test some workflows that were already used successfully somewhere else.

Even opening a .dyn file can freeze my computer (Windows 7, Dynamo 07.5, 0.8.2, 0.9), which is a new one: Intel Xeon, 2.4 GHz (2 processors), 32GB RAM, 64-bit.

Wish I had the answer to this, so I can start implementing Dynamo in the office, but right now, it’s just impossible! Dynamo offers many interesting possibilities, but unfortunately for me, more frustrations that anything. :frowning:

Hi Francisco,

Are you running Dynamo in “Automatic” mode. Try switching to manual and see if helps.