File Path Failure?

File Path abruptly failed.

Usage in a previously-working graph:

Usage of the same nodes in a new graph:

Revit 2020.2.6. Any ideas?

Do DYNs ever just get corrupted?

I think any data on a computer is subject to corruption.

Steps to try are simply deleting the offending node and replacing with a new one. If the serialised node data is corrupted in the dyn file then this may fix it as the offending entry would be removed from the workspace model and a new valid entry appended.

If this fails, then another potential check for testing for corrupted dyn is to simply copy and paste all nodes in the erroneous graph to a new graph and saving. This essentially will rebuild a complete new workspace model from the pasted nodes and should fix any corruption. I have had similar issues before to yours (albeit rarely and usually only when upgrading to a newer version) and this has fixed it. This looks like what you have done and seems OK now?

Also, a good check is to see if this node works in a new graph. If so, this eliminates the probability that there is a bug in the node code or your dynamo install. If the node still fails, then test on another machine (same dynamo version). This may indicate that there may be an issue with your dynamo install. If this is the case then I would suggest trying to reinstall dynamo. If this node still fails on both systems, this might suggest that there is a bug and should be reported here or even better on Dynamo Github issues so the Dynamo team can investigate.

Was this graph brought forward from a previous version of Dynamo? I have occasionally ran across graphs like this that inexplicably break (corruption I think) because copying them continues to break, but while new graph with the same nodes work. Not really an answer, but I’ve just chalked it up to software being software most the time.

Haven’t seen this in my time.

There have been a few examples where graphs fail to upgrade or move across versions, as @SeanP pointed out, but they have been quite rare.

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Pasting everything into a new DYN did not work. Putting in new File Path node did not work.

What I did to make the graph work again:
I had two packages’ nodes in the graph, Genius Loci and Archilab. I deleted and reinstalled those packages. I deleted all of those package nodes and pasted the remainder into a new DYN. Then I put the package nodes back in and redid the connections. I also had to change the name of the output node in Create Tag because Tag is a reserved symbol.

Cannot know exactly what part of that did the trick.

Yes, it was a year old. But it was running. Another funny thing was I would get slightly different results in Player vs running in Dynamo. Create Tag output seemed flaky.

Any chance you had the wrong version of Archilab installed?