Feed Area Information to Elements Within

Hi Dynamo Group,

New dynamo user here looking for some SERIOUS help with getting the dynamo script to work. :sob::sob:

Our office workflow relies heavily on the use of Areas rather than Rooms for initial TP drawings. As casework families cannot be identified using area boundary, I have attempted to set up a script to feed area information (area name, area number & etc…) into the casework families through shared parameter that’s located within the boundary for scheduling. The current script works for single level test file, however, once I have more than one level of casework families added to the project, it fails to pinpoint the right information into those additional casework families.The custom node used for the script comes from Rhythm package.
If there’s a way without using any python scripts, I would love to hear what the method is.

Thanks in advance

AreaToElement.dyn (11.6 KB)

Can you post a screenshot of the revit elements you’re manipulating, and a screenshot of the graph after you’ve run it (everything is null at the moment and i’m not sure what family you’re trying to find so I can’t recreate the problem).

Hi JacobSmall,

Ground Floor Info
This is the initial read from the Ground level plan which works fine.

Level 1 Info
On level 1 however, the case work is reading the same information from Area R101 for some strange reason.

Please see the casework family and it’s shared parameter attached ( very basic information for testing). Would love to know how to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance

_Casework - Generic Cupboard.rfa (308 KB)
Shared Parameter.txt (1.1 KB)

The other thing I have noticed from running the script is, the additional level has caused the list of area got fixed to a single outcome. Hopefully this would make more sense


After looking into the nodes, my coworker has pointed out that it may has to do with the python script not reading the area correctly.
ElementAreaLocation Node

Perhaps the view should not be active view, but rather should be across the project? A bit frustrating
Python Script

Here’s one way to look at it

That’s the python script
import clr
OUT = [a.AreaScheme.Name for a in UnwrapElement(IN[0])]


Thanks :grinning:

Actually retiring this old node from Rhythm. Daniel’s method is going to be what you should use.