Insert Calculated Values in to Civil 3d Labels

Hi All,

First post on this forum. Just getting started with Dynamo but like what I see so far. Like the title stated is it possible to insert values calculated from Excel or a Code Block into a Civil 3d label?


Hey @mike.carson,

Check out the Camber package. There are some nodes in there for labels.

I been working on this for some time now and i think i have a handle on what needs to happen to the label. Where i’m stumped is the initial node that defines which label style I want to modify.

So are you basically trying to create labels and then add text overrides to them?

yes that’s it. I have developed this a little further and thin i need the input for the arrow.

Close! Create the labels first, then add the text override.

This is the result now, labels show up in drawing at station location values is 0.00. I guess the issue in in the label override. I must be missing something in the Camber label call.

I can’t see the warning, but one thing you will need to do is change the values for the textOverride input to be strings and not numbers.

Got the basic label working for now. Thanks for you help. I have another question. how to make this type of graph work>

I would start a new thread for that. It isn’t related to the original topic.