FamilyType Parameter Type

Is it possible to create FamilyType Parameter with the node Parameter.CreateSharedParameter?
If not how to automate it?

Manually it is a 2 step process:

  1. select Parameter Type
  2. select the category e.i.: Doors

How to achieve the second step in dynamo (ideally by means of interpreting a string imported from an excel sheet)?

Thank you!

familyTypeParamTEST.dyn (5.6 KB)

I am afraid that this is not possible yet…

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OK :frowning: Thanks a lot tho!

There is a kind of solution, but it involves that you create the shared parameter in advance in the Shared Parameter file. After this smaller manual effort, you can use my node (Orchid package) for adding a shared parameter to your project. This doesn’t work with the OOTB node!

familyTypeParamTEST.dyn (9.4 KB)

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