FamilyInstances.ByLine Operation Failed


I am trying to create a diagonal braced frame that connects to the the bottom of structural framing and then connects to another structural framing member that is out of plane. However, the FamilyInstances.ByLine is giving an error, and I have no clue why. If anyone has any clue on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I have attached screenshots of my graph, and a quick 3D view of what I am attempting.


Could you share the .rvt file? It would be a little difficult to create the same scenario.

I don’t believe the Revit file matters. It’s just the fact that I cannot create the family instance from the line. It’s the same whether the beam is how I want or it’s a straight, horizontal line.

Search your library for Beam.ByCurve. The API has some different requirements for framing.