Line-based family instance

Hello everyone!
I am trying to import line-based family instances to Revit that needs to be oriented in a vertical position. The problem is that the “FamilyInstance.Byline” node only positions the family in horizontal position, even if the position line is vertical. I have read in a previous post that the main recommendation is to change the line-based family to an adaptive family. Does anybody know a way to make it work without changing the line/based family?

I’m looking into to something similar. But got stuck as well.
I have come to that the use of “FamilyInstance.ByPoint” might be more useful.
But i havent got any further atm.

I’m guessing you’ll have to change the work plane. Not sure if there are nodes to accomplish this. You’ll probably have to use python.

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By the looks of it, those should be columns not line based families.

Try using a Structural Framing family.

Thank you for your answers! The problem is that I want the family instances to go in vertical direction, but also in horizontal direction when needed. Should I better use the structural framing family? Or go with adaptive component? Unfortuney my knowledge in python is not as advanced to go into it :sweat_smile:

I’ve been able to do a lot with the structural framing & dynamo. You shouldn’t need any python. You can create structural framing in dynamo with the built-in nodes.

Thanks, at the end I changed the family to adaptive component and it worked well, I guess line based families only work in horizontal position

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Because the workplane is the level defined in the node input. It may work using the node Family instance by face with face and line as input. If your family is like a column that needs 2 levels to be defined, the node Family instance by point and level may work.