Family Shared Parameter Values with Values from Identity Data

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I am currently working on a script for a co-worker that will take the manufacturer values from a family and input those values into the shared parameters for that same family. Right now I am able to pull the values from a family but am unsure how to input those values into the families shared parameter (See screen shot). I was wondering if this had been done before and if so what a good way to go about doing this would be with dynamo.


Quick update: I have the values I would like to input to the shared parameters and I now have the shared parameters as well. Does anyone know of a way to push these values into the shared parameters?

Thank you180725_Update Shared Parameters.dyn|attachment (66.2 KB)

I’m not sure I understand your goal properly.
You want to copy values of parameters beetween type parameter ?

Set and get type parameter.dyn (16.2 KB)


If you wish to set these parameter values within the Family document itself (not just the parameter values of the family within the project) I suggest checking out the package Orchid, it has nodes for working with family documents and parameters: Orchid package --> released at Github

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Hi Alban,

In the first photo I attached there are parameter values included for each family we received from our manufacturer. We received a shared parameter file .txt from our client that we need to input alot of the same information that came with the manufacturer families. If we had to input this all by hand it would take hours so I am working on a way to take those manufacturer values (identity data), url, description, model number, etc. and input them into the appropriate place under the shared parameters (room/space data).

Hi Awilliams,

No not in the family document because we are applying that to most of our families in the model per the clients request. We just wish to update the shared parameter values with the identity data that is included in the manufacturer families we received.

Thank you!

How do you decide which shared parameter will receive value of a specific identity data parameter ?
In first you need to make a “correspondence table” beetween these 2 kinds of parameters.

This can be an excel file with two columns : one for the shared parameters and one for the identity data parameters.

This worked. Thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner!