Family Instance Location Points Dynamo 6.3 vs 7.3

In version 7.3, the Family Instance Location Node locates the points off of the surface and are incorrect. I have tested this many times on various surfaces and curtain panel/adaptive components. It worked in 6.3. See attached image comparisons…You can see with the first image how the points are correct in 6.3 but in the second image the points are not even on the surface when using 7.3. Can we get a fix to this?


Hello Jeremy Roh,

To make to more consistent we have changed few things in 0.7.3.

You will get your required results as per 0.6.3 if you use Adaptive Component Location node.

Please try that node and let us know if that solve your problem.



I used the Adaptive Component Location Node and the reference point alignment is way off. See image attached. There appears to be a scale issue.


Looks like it is a metric conversion issue

Yep, unlike the other Location nodes, it looks like the Adaptive Component Location is directly taking the Revit Decimal Feet readout and representing it in Meters.

That was going to be my next guess. I see a new version 7.5 has come out. Has this node been worked on for that release? I’ll check it out the read me file and also test out 7.5.