Family Instance by multiple geometries?

Hello Dynamo world!

Im looking for a way to create multiple families from geometries in a list of sublists

Goal: (A list of 10 sublists each containing multiple .sat geometries should create 10 different families)… I would like this to be inside a project environment so I don’t have to create it inside a family environment…

The only way I have found out to create a family from multiple objects is to export the geometries as .SAT and import into a family environment with the Form.ByGeometry and then save it…

Any thoughts?


Create a “template” family that is empty in your project. Then edit that family by importing / manipulating as you need, then save as and/or load back into the project. Although this may let you do it from within a project, the point that you want a family means you will have to be in the Family Environment at some point, just this way it can be automated mostly.

FamilyInstance.ByGeometry should do the trick. Did similar for a post last night here: Split geometry into individual buildings