Family Insatnce by Point

Hi all,
I’m trying to place piles in my Revit model using the FamilyInstanceByPoint node but for some reason Dynamo is reading the Z values of the points correctly.

I’m trying to place the piles directly underneath a number of capping beams but as you can see in the image, the piles go right through the capping beam. The placement points are derived from a line that runs along the bottom centre of each capping beam.

PlacePiles.dyn (42.2 KB)

If I run the script for a second time, the piles are then placed at the right height (below the capping beam) but I don’t really want to have to run the script twice.

Any ideas?

May thanks


Please add your graph and a picture of your graph with all the previews enabled under the nodes.

Sorry I had strip back my script as it had other nodes or UI that made it rather large. I have included screen shot and script on my original post.

For me, it works well on the first attempt. (Revit 2017)
Are you in automatic mode ?

No, Im on manual mode and also working on Revit 2017

Hi Alban,

just tried placing piles with dia. wider than the base of my capping beam, just like you’ve shown in your image, and it worked the first time i ran the script. I had a sneaky feeling that this might be the reason it worked for you the first time you ran the script. If you’d be so kind to try and use a beam that is wider than the dia. of the piles you are using, and see if my theory is right?

many thanks

Unfortunately my pile family is not face based but thanks!

Hi Renzo,

It can’t be the reason.
It is rather like a calculation was made after the piles were created and a node passthrough was missing somewhere, but I don’t see where for the moment.

Hi @Renzoj14,

There is something strange in your Revit file. When I copy the pile and the Capping beam in another Revit projet, I haven’t to run twice your graph.

The solution will be to set the Height Offset once the piles are created.