Failed to install Structural Analysis for Dynamo


We just noticed in our office that the people who are using Windows 10 are not able to install Structural Analysis for Dynamo (2.0.1). All other colleagues with computers running on Windows 7 were able to install the package without any problem.
The problem which occurred is that the downloading gets stuck.

Does anybody knows if this is an Windows 10 problem or how to install these packages if the machine operates on Windows 10.

Thank you.

How does the install fail? Where is the package located? Are you getting it from the package manager and pushing it to the systems or are the systems pointing at a network path?

Overall your issue sounds as if it’s an overly restrictive security setting on your network or computers.

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your reply. I and other colleagues who are still using Windows 7 have no problem installing Dynamo packages ( “search for packages”-“syncing with server”-pick the package-install the latest version- takes a couple of minutes to download and install). But the colleagues using Windows 10 and following the same path for installing of a package are getting stuck by the downloading process which continues for ever without downloading or installing anything. So we think (like you said) that it might be a security issue which we already reported to our IT guys. If you or anybody else think of another reason please let me know.

That’s the likely cause. While the IT guys dig, you should be able to download the package and distribute it to them as you would any other file. Once they have it, make sure everything is unzipped andnplaced into their package directory and you should be fine.