Structural analysis package not complete


I’ve recently been learning Dynamo and following the Autodesk online classes from AU. I noticed that the structural analysis package for the tutorials have a few more options than mine currently does. I’ve tried uninstalling the structural analysis package and reinstalling version 0.2.2 without success. I’ve also tried uninstalling dynamo completely and reinstalling the latest daily build ( and that still didn’t work. I did notice that when I reinstall the latest build I still had all of my addins loaded so I’m sure it didn’t get completely erased. I’ve attached a screenshot to illustrate my issue. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a simple fix that I’m missing?

Missing Nodes


The same here. I have tried uninstalling it and then to install it again but after that an error message appears. ; C


These are the versions :

Dynamo 0.9

Structural analysis for Dynamo 0.2.2