Fail to create if statement script

Hello everyone.

I am making a script which want to come out different results (i.e. a,b,c and d) based on the value of the input.


However, it failed. After serveral tries, I am sure the problem is from the highlighted one.

It will be thankful if someone could teach me the correct script.

use this.

x>=0 && x<90 ? "a":
x==90? "b":
x>90 && x<=180 ? "c":

== Rather than just =

= is for defining something, e.g. x = 90. So the value of x will be 90.
== is an operator / boolean check, e.g. x == 90. Will check if x equals 90 and returns a true or false.

@robert12546358 @Hamish

Thank you both of you