The FaceAnalysisDisplay.ByViewFacePointsAndValues node keep giving the same warning saying that the operation has failed. All inputs appear to be correct but I am relatively new to Dyanmo so i could be mistaken.

I’d appreciate is someone could outline the issue that may be causing this warning.

@markmctighe Is the selected view a 3D view? I believe the Analysis Display doesn’t work for non-3D views for some reason. Other than that from what I can tell it should work as long as the lists match up. The only other thing I could think of is the points not being on the surface but even then it should still assign them more-or-less appropriate UVs.

Hi @Avz.

Thanks for the reply.

I changed the view to a 3D view and the warning is still the same. The lists match up and the Surfrace.UVParameterAtPoint node appears to be producing appropriate values.

@markmctighe Are all your points on the surface? I was wrong earlier: if they’re not on the surface, it’ll result in invalid UVs and the Analysis Display node will fail.

@Avz All UVs are less than or equal to 1 (Therefore they should all be on the surface). The inputs work for a point analysis display when the points are input as XYZ coordinates and not as UVs.

Thanks again for the help!

@markmctighe Are all the the points on the surface, though? I notice there’s a chunk cut out of yours. If any of the points isn’t on the surface, it won’t work

It works perfectly when that point isn’t there. It’s kind of rude, since I’m using the UVs to generate some points, so the UV position is off the surface anyway but still considered “valid” at that point. Only the AnalysisDisplay isn’t accepting it…

Best of luck!

I am running into problem where “FaceAnalysisDisplay.ByViewFacePointsAndValues” works but then it generates a list of “Revit.AnalysisDisplay.FaceAnalysisDisplay” instead of just the value. In the attached picture I have highlighted the differences. This is difference between Face Analysis and Point Analysis. I am able to generate the analysis for the the Points.

If anyone has some insight on this behavior please share.