Face selection



How I can automatically select the face on the loft form without use the “Select face” node?

I want to quadrify the mesh bu
t the “Quad point on face” accept only faces and not loft form, so I have to manually select the face generated by the loft operation




One approach, assuming all the normals point in generally the same direction, might be to generate a UV grid on the faces in the list (UV and XYZ Grid From Face) and then filter by normals that point in a direction. If, for example, all the faces you need to select are pointing up you can grab justs the Z component of the normals (XYZ Z) and compare it with an X>0 formula.


You could use Element Geometry Objects and Explode:




Thanks Andreas, your solution works better.



This method assumes the first item in the lists of faces is the one on top… is that always the case? What if you have multiple n faces pointing up? Are they the first “n” faces in the list?


No, I don’t think that that’s always the case - it’s definitely not a universal solution. But for the form Cesare generated it works since that form is a surface and will only consist of one geometry object when you explode it.