"Visible" face selection



I’m currently trying to automate Formworks creation, as in this method FormWorks by Mehmet Polat Diker which I can’t replicate atm.

This is where I’m at

As you can see, there are some panels in unwanted places, i.e. inside the walls. Same goes with individual selection using Select face(s) .
What I would like is to find a method allowing to select only the “visible” faces, those in contact with none other to bypass the actual ok-ish manual handling of those elements.
If that can’t be done, I’ve also been struggling with booleans solid operations when trying to automate the suppression of unwanted elements

On a second note, I’m using Spring.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry to place the form work panels which allows to have some control over it -cuting, joining, creating parts, family and type edition- at the price of a terribly slow process (50min to place ~2400 panels) as opposed to DirectShape which leaves no as much choice but runs in <20 sec.
Has anyone some experience in that topic?

Thank you for reading this



Good effort Iam also looking for a solution