Hi can any one help with the attached dynamo script. I want to extract the inner radius from a fabrication rectangular 90 degree duct elbow. I think I have it working but the numbers do not seam correct. The bend has an inner radius of 100mm but the schedule is giving me 0.32 ( not sure of what ). Please can someone advice me what may be wrong.


Hi @mattpick10

You probably work in mm. Revit internal units are feet. You need to multiply with 304.8 after DimValue, so add codeblock and type inside Dimvalue×304.8 will get you values in mm.


Thanks that’s brilliant but why am I getting a value for straight sections of duct?


Is there a way to single out the inner radius parameter from the fabrication part


Would you mind sharing where you found the "Fabrication Part Dimension node?


Click on packages ( top bar ) and search for fabrication and download.

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