Hi can any one help with the attached dynamo script. I want to extract the inner radius from a fabrication rectangular 90 degree duct elbow. I think I have it working but the numbers do not seam correct. The bend has an inner radius of 100mm but the schedule is giving me 0.32 ( not sure of what ). Please can someone advice me what may be wrong.

Hi @mattpick10

You probably work in mm. Revit internal units are feet. You need to multiply with 304.8 after DimValue, so add codeblock and type inside Dimvalue×304.8 will get you values in mm.

Thanks that’s brilliant but why am I getting a value for straight sections of duct?

Is there a way to single out the inner radius parameter from the fabrication part

Would you mind sharing where you found the "Fabrication Part Dimension node?

Click on packages ( top bar ) and search for fabrication and download.

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@mattpick10 I am a super novice at using Dynamo but I have a dire need for this to work so I have dove in head first into this. I believe I have the parameters working at this point.

I used project parameters to create the parameters needed in the fab parts and then used this dynamo script to write the CID and dimensions to the parts. I also used the the element ID currently as the Part No. Please let me know if you had any luck with this or if anyone have some tips for me.

Write FAB Part All Parameters.dyn (321.0 KB)

Next step is to pull all the parameter names out of the parts, create project parameters based on them with a prefix/suffix capability for the name, then write the values to the project parameters so this whole thing is automated.

Then do the custom numbering system to using the CID number and a 5 digit code (ex: “CID#-00000”).

Then the same concept for the dimensions should work with the connectors. The only variable with that should be the taps cut into the duct. That may just have to be manually dimensioned for now.

I am also a novice at dynamo but I did manage to do a script ( with some help on here ) that will schedule the inner radius which I am sure you could adapt to pull out any parameters you require. What is you are trying to achieve. If you let me know your email I will send you the script. If you search for ‘ fab parts in revit: where’s my fabrication data ‘ it will give you a helping hand on where to start