Fabrication Radius Bend

Hi All
Ok so I have done a clean window install and download Revit 2019 again. The Dynamo script below used to work fine. However since re-installing revit ( and dynamo ) it no longer seems to work. It seems to get the list ok and find the bend i have in my project but then all list are empty after that. Not sure if I have some packages missing that I had before re-install. The script works by finding the inner radius on fabrication radius bend. I have a project parameter called Fab Inner Radius. would be very much appreciated for any help ideas
Inner Radius Working.dyn (18.8 KB)

Can you show us all the items in the ‘DimName’ list output from the fabrication part dimensions node?

Weirdly it seems to be work I downloaded a newer version of Dynamo last night and it worked.
Thanks for the reply though