FABRICATION Straights Connectors

Hello All,

I’m new to Dynamo and i’m trying to Report out the Connector names of the Straights in Fabrication Parts, i’m just getting null Values, but it works fine for every other Fabrication item.

Any help here would be great.


Hi Cromb,

I’m sorry I can’t help with your question, but I’m currently trying to report out connectors as well. Problem is, the connector information node doesn’t seem to specify whether it’s C1/C2/C3 etc. Have you figured out a way to report the specific connectors?


Hi Zhershey,

I get this issue when I have duct fittings connected to straights (AP, Pop…anything connected to top or sides of ducts). When Pops/Aps are added, the number of connectors increases but you cannot see then in the part by double clicking. This is the main reason for Fabnodes failure. Use Connector.ConnectorType node to sort and then you should be able to report their value.

Hi Cromb,
I have the exact same problem where it won’t work for a specific CID number but it works for the rest of them. I don’t have any leads on what might be the issue with those parts at first place. Have you found any solution?