Compliant IFC from MEP Fabrication Parts in Revit

Hi all,
Im trying to create complaint IFC components from the MEP Fabrication Parts in revit using Dynamo. Essentially i am looking to populate the ‘IFCExportAs’ field automatically using the information in the parts.

So for a duct bend i would fill ‘IfcDuctFitting’ into the ‘IfcExportAs’ field automatically. Unfortunately i cannot find a way to isolate all of the duct bends. I thought i could use the categories pull down node to find all duct bends and then i could input the data, it seems that Revit does not recognise the fabrication parts for what they are.

My end goal is to have a folder of revit files with MEP fabrication parts and use dynamo to fill the folder with compliant IFCs.

Surely this has been done before in this community?


My revit file only has one square bend in it but the ‘duct fittings’ category has an empty list

Any help please?


It seems like you just need to find a way to filter. There are plenty of examples on this forum but here is a fairly easy one that is very user friendly.

Hope this helps.